Nina Knudsen

Nina Knudsen, Director of Property Management

Speaks: English

Vancouver, BC



Starting my journey in Property Management came from a love of customer service. 

Having had a career in Restaurants and the Airline Industry, I felt I could take the personal level of my service and translate it into an opportunity to change the attitude of renting in BC. I believed that the stigma of being a renter was that of misfortune, and the stigma of a landlord was a slumlord. I decided that I needed to make it my mission to try and turn both these stigmas around. 

With 10 years of property management experience under my belt, having 100% referral based success, and being welcomed to the incredible team at Harcourts, I knew that I could bring my experience to the new Property Management division and grow an incredible team. This approach would allow property managers to become personally invested with all their Owners and Tenants.  It would ensure the highest level of service and protection for the Owners investment property and the peace of mind for tenants to enjoy their home as if it were their own.  

To be able to give real service you must add something which cannot be measured with money, and that is just simply, good service.